Friday, November 11, 2011

Music and Writing and Stuff

You guys!

...I don't know. I just wanted to say that. But anyway, happy Friday! I'm currently listening to If I Die Young by The Band Perry, and I think I'm obsessed. Nay, I KNOW I'm obsessed. I literally cannot stop listening to this song on repeat. If you've never heard it, here you go (and you're welcome):

She's holding a book of Tennyson's poems, and at the very end they show a page from the poem The Lady of Shalott. *sigh* So romantic! And tragic, too, obviously.

This has got me in a dreamy, romantic mood, which is NOT the state of mind I need to be in to write. My story is not like that. Though now I want to write a story with this mood in mind. *tucks away for later* I do have a playlist for my current story, but I've been listening to the same songs for over a year and honestly, they've lost their magic. I think it's time to find new songs that capture the same mood. Also, I'm considering listening to music without lyrics for a change of pace, and also because sometimes the lyrics can be a bit distracting while trying to write.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I've chucked my revisions so far and am starting from scratch? Yup. I wasn't so far along that it really matters, it was only a couple thousand words or so. But seeing that blank page fills me with a kind of energy to write, and to make it good. When I had all those words on the page that I knew were just wrong, it sucked away my will to write. And now I'm excited again :) Word doc., new playlist, new attitude. Well, I haven't got the playlist yet, but I will soon. Any suggestions? I need darkish stuff, but nothing too heavy. Does that make sense? One song from my playlist that will stay is Teardrop by Massive Attack, because it really captures the mood. The song itself, not the video. The video is weird. But here ya go:

I think it's so interesting how music can really affect mood and your state of mind. It's pretty cool. Except times like now, when all I want to do is listen to The Band Perry and daydream!

Do you guys listen to music while you write?


  1. LOVE both songs, but not the video for the second... creepy... LOL

    Do you know Kristin Cashore (she wrote Graceling and Fire) wrote her third book (Bitterblue,) sent it to the editor, and then was told, okay now that you now what the story is, start from scratch... and she did, and this is her 3rd published book.. and she is AWESOME.

    so there you go... do what you gotta do to make it what it needs to be :0 (ok, that was totally cheesy, LOL)

  2. HAHA, the video is definitely creepy!

    I've never heard of Kristin Cashore (of course now I'll go look her up) but that is such an encouraging story! I really needed to hear that. Thanks!! :)

  3. DUDE. I just did a post on music yesterday! Haha, timing. I'm really bog on movie scores for writing, so you might look into that. The songs from really emotional scenes are great for writing to, I think.

    Good luck with everything!

    Also, you really do need to look up Kristin Cashore. She's awesome. :)

  4. I started listening to that second one and I'm thinking "That sounds like the theme from 'House.'" And it is! I've never heard the words before.

    I had a small playlist I was using for my WiP that I would sometimes listen to just to get me going a bit. Maybe I'll share it someday.