About Me

Hi! I'm Amanda.

Here are things I love: Writing, reading a fantastic book and getting lost in it, God, my husband, obsessively making lists, coffee, coffee, coffee (especially iced caramel macchiatos), awesome nail polish, blasting music when nobody else is home, pretty pictures (especially the kind with quotes in them!), cookie dough, a clean house (HAHAH), and all things Disney.

I grew up on Long Island (that's ON Long Island, not IN Long Island--it's an LI thing. ;)). My husband and I went to the same high school, and after we got married we lived in Santa Monica, then Nashville, then Playa Vista, then Norwalk, then Ridgefield, then back to Long Island, and now we're in Texas! Yeah...I've moved a lot. (For the record, my favorite place that we've lived is Nashville. AMAZING city!)

I've always loved reading and writing, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I got serious about writing novels. YA is my passion, and my books tend to err on the strange and magical (but still in this world!) side.

I don't update the blog too often, but you can usually find me on Twitter: (@xamandaolivieri)