Thursday, March 8, 2012

That Other Moment...

That other moment when you realize your draft doesn't have the atmosphere you wanted, and you also don't know how to get from Point A to Point B, and your brain feels like this:

And like this:

...yeah, those moments aren't fun.

Funny that I'm in a funk a few days after having such a great high.


Anyway, I won't allow myself to wallow for long. I'm either going to A) Come up with a solution, or B) Barrel through until I'm unstuck. I really hope option A happens, but either way, this funk is going DOWN. Actually, I'm not going to think of it as a funk. Nope, it's just an obstacle that I need to overcome. A problem that I need to find a solution to. I'm going to figure this thing out, one way or the other. And, um, I hope it's soon :)

It's all in the attitude, people. All in the attitude. (I'll just keep repeating that to myself...)

On a totally unrelated note, I bought a GORGEOUS new notebook that I don't even want to call a notebook because it's so pretty--actually, maybe it's a "journal"--and it's just begging me to fill it! It's as thick as a book, which makes me want to write an entire draft in it.

Yeah, an entire draft. Longhand. In a journal.

I'm not ready to do it yet, though, what with New Novel still unfinished. But maybe my next draft. Would that be...crazy?


  1. hope you get out of that funk soon!

    do you know Kristen Cashore writes her fist drafts in a notebook? longhand? and she is fabulous.. so, no! it's not crazy at all!

    I've recently fallen in love with notebooks... sometimes I just want to write and write on them about my story and not even bother with the "real draft" in my computer... LOL that might cause a problem though if I ever plan on finishing this book.

    1. Ohhh she does?! Okay, so people actually do that.

      I also have a notebook just for brainstorming and notes, and sometimes I write scenes in it too. If I need a break from the computer or just want a change of pace, I write in the notebook. And you WILL finish this book, so you better not avoid the "real draft" for too long :)

  2. I love that you posted cat pictures. I hope these are not also hanging on the wall of your office! haha. I hope you de-funk soon!

    1. Haha, no, they are not hanging on the wall! Though now that you mention it, the first one would be kind of cute...haha. And thank you! De-funking is underway!

  3. Mmm...I want a notebook like that. I have a creamy leather bound journal, but its kinda small. :3

    I can relate with the funky part. My MS is still being a pain even though I'm making progress bit by bit. I feel like a half drowned cat beating a dead fish....a very slippery dead fish...>_>

    1. I wanted a creamy leather one, but the ones I found weren't thick enough either, so I went with this one. It's still leather but rough-ish and has a floral design. Really pretty though.

      Haha, yes, sometimes the rough parts totally feel like that! Good that you're still making progress :)

  4. I have journals too, writing long-hand is a process, but it's a truly beautiful one. Nice to meet you!

  5. That second picture made me snort! So funny!

    And I totally admire your attitude. Seriously, with an attitude like that, you'll find your solution in no time!