Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday Things

Some things on this fine Thursday:

1. The Husband and I are moving into a new place this weekend. Yippeeee!! We loathe our current apartment, and so this move is quite exciting for us. QUITE exciting.

2. Because of said move, almost all of my THINGS are packed away in boxes. I don't like to be without my things, but I've learned that I really only need a few things to survive, namely: my laptop, my teapot (also, a mug and tea are implied (but I'm telling you just in case you didn't realize the implication--you're welcome)), my iPhone, my planner, and a book. I am content with these things. Shall I say things one more time? Things.

3. It is December today. Just thought you should know. It's also my brother's birthday. Happy birthday, Matt! (I don't think he reads this but if one day he does, this birthday wish will be here, waiting. I am a good sister.)

4. Today is Christmas card writing day. It is a day in which I write out Christmas cards. Preferably with a glass of red wine and Christmas music playing merrily in the background. Unfortunately, The Husband packed away our bottle opener, so no red wine for Amanda :( I now have an excuse to get a peppermint mocha from Starbucks, though. I NEED a merry drink whilst writing out holiday cheer!

5. I hath written out my writing goals for next year. It makes me feel motivated. And excited! Unless I fail. Then, I'll just feel like a failure. BUT I WON'T!

6. I will share these goals with you at the end of the month. Like an end of year wrap-up. Or maybe like a pre-beginning-of-year syllabus. Either way, it will be a list, so I will enjoy writing it. I like lists. Oh, hey, I'm writing a list right now! Maybe that's why I'm enjoying writing this post so much. LISTS!

7. My tea is now cold, and I have no microwave to heat it up with because The Husband already packed it away. Why must he pack away all the beverage opening/heating tools?!

8. I am learning to play Carol of the Bells on the piano. It is fun. I like it. (No, I don't really play the piano. I PRETEND by learning songs and then I sound like I know what I'm doing but really, I only know VARIOUS SONGS.)

9. That's it. Oh, wait, let me do one more so that it's Ten Thursday Things. That seems much better than Nine Thursday Things.

10. I'm currently reading Crossed by Ally Condie, and I love it so far! I'm almost half way through, and I'm SO rooting for Cassia and Ky! I also love how Ally incorporates poetry into her books. I don't usually read poetry, but the way it's used in Ally's books makes me want to.

BAM! TEN Thursday Things.


  1. I love to write lists too, but then, don't actually do anything with them.

    Writing Christmas cards with a glass of red wine, while listening to christmas music, sounded fabulous, I immediately wanted to come over and hang out. But then I realized, it's 9:30 am! and oh yeah, we don't actually "know" each other.. hehe!

    I too pretend to play the piano. I took some lessons right before having kids, then had to stop, but hope to start up again someday... and I really just pretend I know how to play though. For now!

    Happy moving!

  2. @Cristina

    Haha, you would have to bring the bottle opener since I don't have one! And oh, yeah, 9:30 is a little early :)

    Playing around on the piano is fun, even if you don't really know how! Hmm, lessons...that's a good idea.

  3. Congrats on moving into a better place! May you make many new and wonderful memories there. :)

    Also, I love tea and lists; they're wonderful.

    I'm glad you're liking Crossed. I wasn't a huge fan of Matched but I think a lot of it was that it had so much hype and I expected it to be a lot better than it was, but I've heard the sequel has more character so I'm excited for it.

    Enjoy your card writing!